Troyer Amish Jams

What makes the Troyer jams different?

Collection of Amish Jams made by the Troyer family

The berries are hand smashed, hand stirred on a traditional wood stove, hand shaken until the flavor is even, and there are no preservatives or chemicals used. These handmade jams are exactly what you would get if you picked the berries and made the jam yourself.




Who are the Troyers?

Amish farm where Troyer Amish jams are produced

The Troyer girls, as they are called by the locals, are two sisters that were the very first Amish to settle in Lamoni, Iowa. They are quite proud that they settled here and are so happy to have moved from Michigan to this beautiful place. Since their arrival 23 years ago, they have had many Amish followers, and we now have a large Amish community of talented individuals, but they hold the award for the best jam!

How is the jam made?

spoonful of Amish Jam

When I asked the Troyer sisters how they make their jam, they responded, “The same way we have for 50 years!” Jam is in their blood. They are passionate about it and every ingredient. They don’t sit down until the jam is perfect and filled with just the right amount of flavor. They said to me, “We don’t want just any jam where the flavor settles at the bottom. We shake it until it’s so firm we can’t shake it anymore. That way it’s filled with flavor from top to bottom!”

The berries are home grown and fresh. Each berry is hand smashed to make just the right pulp. Then it is boiled until “It just looks right” as Katie described it. It is like getting a recipe from grandma. Add a little of this and a little of that and stir it til it’s perfect! Every batch of jam is filled with flavor and has a fresh taste. There are no machines used in the making of this jam. It is cooked on a traditional wood stove where they have to burn just the right amount of wood to make sure the temperature holds properly. They have it mastered! Katie looked at me and said, “We have made thousands of pints of jam on that trusty stove!”

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