Tulsi Aronia Tea

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Aronia berry (aka Black Chokeberry) is loaded with antioxidants - more than elderberries, blueberries and acai!
*Tulsi - (Holy Basil) is an adaptogen - natural balancer with stress - amongst other things - inflammation, fever, stomach
*Aronia berry -here's some benefits- UTI health, improves blood circulation, balances blood pressure, diabetes treatment & prevention, stomach issues, anti-inflammatory, eye protection, weight control - look it up!
*Lemongrass - a digestive aid and adds the citrus note!
Beautiful color with the berries - simple ingredients and great taste.

Consistent use will help with optimal results.

The leaves can be reused. I often use them 3 times though it is a bit lighter by the third time. But is great for making a large quantity for iced tea

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