Turn Down The Heat Tea

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Calling all those with "Hot Flashes"....this tea is for you. Another tea made for a friend who was sweating in the middle of the day. The key is Shatavari, an ayurvedic herb, paired with other hormonal balancers.
*Red Raspberry - commonly used for women's health...at any stage of life
*Sage - known help with menopausal sweats and hot flushes
*Shatavari root - reproductive tonic for women - balance estrogen and relieve dryness
*Red Clover - a friend to those on any side of menopause and a blood cleanser
*Sarsaparilla - anti-inflammatory to ease joint pain, bloating and fatigue - also increases libido!
*Licorice root - can aid with hot flashes, depression, mood swings and adrenal fatigue
*Lemongrass - cooling citrus twist

Drink at least an hour before bed if you're fighting night sweats. Try it iced and drink throughout the day.
Optimal results are from consistent use.

The leaves can be reused. I often use them 3 times though it is a bit lighter by the third time. But is great for making a large quantity for iced tea

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