Ginger Lemon Tulsi Tea

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This is the tea I like to start my day with! The ginger is the main ingredient and loaded with benefits. Then blended with Tulsi (Holy Basil), an adaptogen - a natural balancer, and a twist of Lemon Myrtle
*Ginger - nausea, inflammation, muscle pain, manages blood sugar, curbs sugar cravings, to name a few...
*Tulsi (Holy Basil) - brings balance to stress
*Lemon Verbena - antioxidants - boosts immune system, anti-inflammatory, besides a wonderful flavor and amazing fragrance.
Simple but powerful!!

Consistent use will help with optimal results.

The leaves can be reused. I often use them 3 times though it is a bit lighter by the third time. But is great for making a large quantity for iced tea

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