Blues Be Not Tea

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Get out of that funk!! These herbs are capable of uplifting your mood without any stimulants to bring you to a pleasant state.
*St John's Wort - brightens your mood for mild to medium depression
*Lemon - Balm - a calming nervine
*Kava kava root - reduces stress and anxiety
*Gingko - mental stimulant that can aid depression
*Spearmint -relieves stress
*Red roses - positive impact on hormones and nervous system
*Jasmine - anti-depressant
Try this to help pick you up!

Use consistently to get optimal results!
NEW FORMULA!!! Added spearmint, roses and jasmine for benefit and flavor!

The leaves can be reused. I often use them 3 times though it is a bit lighter by the third time. But is great for making a large quantity for iced tea.

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