Amish Barn Quilt Wall Art, 2 by 2 Blue and Red Stars

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  • Wall art made from old barn wood
  • Hand-made by local Amish family
  • Wall art for indoor or outdoor
  • Quilt designs used to create unique patterns
  • Variety of sizes and patterns
  • Size 20.75" x 20.75" x 1"

This barn quilt wall art is one-of-a-kind and hand-made by a very special Amish family here in Southern Iowa. With no electricity, they use reclaimed barn wood and quilt designs to create a rustic yet elegant piece to hang on your wall. Their craftsmanship is very high quality, and they love to get creative with colors and designs.

Starting 200 years ago, barn quilts were seen as bringing good luck and prosperity to a home. They started as paintings back when there wasn’t enough paint to paint an entire barn, so the women would take a pattern of a quilt block that their grandma had made and would hang a large painting on the side of their barn, or paint it directly on the barn. It was a way to decorate their barn, bring family pride, and use a mixture of colors available.

In honoring the American farmer, the barn quilts we feature are made from reclaimed wood from the old barns of the Midwest. They are made by an Amish family that still lives the American farm life.


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