Amish Barn Quilt Wall Art

  • Barn quilt wall art made from old barn wood
  • Hand made by local Amish family
  • Wall art for indoor or outdoor
  • Quilt designs used to create unique patterns
  • Variety of sizes and patterns

The craftsmanship put into making these can’t be compared to anything from a factory. These are far more beautiful, unique, have more texture, and are built to the highest quality. As I walked into the very modest shop of Grandpa and Grandma Miller, I was first greeted by their incredible smiles. The only lighting was that of the wall of windows lining the edge of their shop. I looked over to see Grandma Miller carefully placing each piece together to create an intricate design, while Grandpa Miller was hand nailing the trim together on another piece. 

Grandma and Grandma Miller, as they like to be called, are a wonderful Amish couple that live far out in rural northern Missouri. As with all Amish in this area, they live off the land with no power or modern conveniences. They hand cut and hand make everything you see. These skills have been passed down from many generations and Grandpa and Grandma Miller are now passing the barn quilt skills to their children and grand children. 

Grandpa Miller explained to me that it is important to create a nice pattern because you want to enjoy looking at it and talking about it. They shared with me that they continue to discover new patterns and styles the more they create the barn quilts. Their enthusiasm with these was infectious. I left wanting to decorate my whole home with barn quilts.

They are called barn quilts because they are made from old barn wood and come together in the same designs as quilt squares. This combines the beauty and style of a quilt with the warmth and texture of the wood. 

We hope that you feel a little bit of Grandma and Grandma Miller in each item you add to your home. And just to remind you who made it, Grandpa Miller created a stamp to go on the back.