Love's Potion Tea

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A blend of 13 Aphrodisiac, Libido & Sex Tonics, Passion and Love nourishing herbs to get you in the mood for Love!!! A beautiful red colored tea with an amazing flavor!
*Shatavari - aids in sexual debility
*Ashwagandha - aphrodisiac
*Saw Palmetto - low libido
*Damiana - wakes up a lazy libido
*Lotus Leaf - fertility (men & women)
*Fo-Ti - builds blood and sperm
*Red Roses - flower of love
*Horny Goat Weed - enhances sexual health...what else could it be with that name
*Yohimbe - increases blood flow
*Hibiscus - sexual vitality
*Jasmine - female aphrodisiac
*Lavender - aphrodisiac and "herb of love"

The leaves can be reused. I often use them 3 times though it is a bit lighter by the third time. But is great for making a large quantity for iced tea

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