Amish Baby White Popcorn 2 lb bag

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  • Hulless which means easy on your digestive system and teeth
  • Tender popcorn
  • Great taste
  • Non-GMO

This white variety of popcorn is small with a tender texture, resembling an old variety called Japanese Hulless. It's made by separating the smaller kernels of this brand from the Medium White variety.

All our popcorn is non-GMO.

GMO means genetically modified organism, which is a novel organism created by scientists when they genetically modify or engineer food plants.

In genetic modification (or engineering) of food plants, scientists remove one or more genes from the DNA of another organism, such as a bacterium, virus, or animal, and “recombine” them into the DNA of the plant they want to alter. By adding these new genes, genetic engineers hope the plant will express the traits associated with the genes. For example, genetic engineers have transferred genes from a bacterium known as Bacillus thuringiensis or Bt into the DNA of corn. Bt genes express a protein that kills insects, and transferring the genes allows the corn to produce its own pesticide.

Excerpt from (The Organic & Non-GMO Report)

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