Amish Jewelry Boxes

What is an Amish jewelry box, also known as a trinket log or Amish jewelry log?

Amish Jewelry Box, key holder, or desk organizer

It is a unique, rustic and beautiful way to store those little items you like tucked away. They look nice in an entry way for keys and money, in a kitchen for the little nicknacks, on a dresser or bathroom counter for jewelry, or on a desk for paper clips, thumb tacks, and other small items.

What is an Amish Jewelry box made from?

Cedar wood used to make Amish Jewelry boxes, trinket logs, or desk organizers

Cedar. Each log is cut down to a specific length to match the shape and number of drawers needed. Since the Amish have no electricity, each log is hand stripped of its bark, sanded and carefully cut with precision to create the drawers. The exterior is sealed, but the inside of the drawers is left unfinished, so the smell of cedar stays strong. Each drawer is finished with a soft felt for your items to rest on.

Who makes these Amish Jewelry Logs?

Amish farm where Amish Jewelry logs are manufactured

The Dettweiler family is an Amish family in northern Missouri, and they make these on their farm. As I pulled up, you can see the clothes hanging on the clothes line, and the shop with log siding faces the road. The detweiller family is a young family that has started this business in order to be home with their children, yet still make a living. Mr. Dettweiler runs the shop while Mrs. Dettweiler tends to the children and home life. As with most Amish families, it’s all about family life and traditional values.

Why buy an Amish Jewelry box?

Amish Jewelry log with four drawers and heart drawer in the center

They take something traditional and add a rustic yet finished look to your room! Not to mention, you are supporting an amazing Amish family that are teaching their children work ethic and home values. It’s all about supporting each other while enhancing your own life.


Other uses for an Amish Jewelry Box!

These don't have to be for just jewelry. You can use them as a desk organizer, hold small trinkets, put by a front door as a key holder, use it as an office organizer holding thumb drives and small items. 

Office organizer or desk organizer made from a cedar logKey holder made from a cedar log

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