Amish Baskets

How is an Amish basket made? 

hanging Amish basket with flowersThese are not mass produced or made by machines! Each basket is handmade. With no electricity, the Byler family using pressured air to run a saw that they cut the basket bases with. Then each vertical support is hand tacked onto the base and the weaving begins. They hand weave the reed to create the basket. Each gets finishing trim and is dipped in stain. They hang the baskets from their porch ceiling to dry and air out. They are sure to sign the bottom of each with pride to show you who made your basket. 

Who makes our baskets?

Amish farm that makes baskets

The Byler family is a local family here in Lamoni, IA. Mr. Byler is a tall slender man with a smile that will make your day fantastic no matter what is happening. Mr. Byler cuts the bases for the baskets, and does the finishing work and staining, while his wonderful wife does the weaving. Their kids and grandkids all help with basket weaving as well, and to sit around and listen to the laughter fill the room while everyone works is so heartwarming! They tell stories, and wonder who will use the basket they are making. The Bylers moved here to enjoy the rural life, and have developed a farm that will last many generations.

What makes an Amish basket unique?

Amish farm with amish baskets hanging from the porch to dry

It’s the dedication to quality and craftsmanship! No matter who is working, they are very detailed and careful to make sure the person receiving their basket has something that can be passed down for many years to come. 

This dedication to quality has been passed down from generation to generation, and when you enter their shop, you often see three generations weaving at one time. Grandma is usually the stickler, instructing the younger ones to re-do something or soak that reed just a little bit longer in order to create a perfect corner. 

The dedication to quality comes from the Amish lifestyle, which means to care for your neighbor as if they are your own family member. You see this in each basket. They tell stories of their own experiences and want to share not only quality in product, but quality of life with each and every basket owner. 

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