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Lively Apricot Windrift Bath Salts

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Lively Apricot bath salts has a sweet fresh fruit smell. It smells like you are in a garden and just cut open a fresh, sweet apricot. It has enough aroma to smell fresh, but not so strong that it is overwhelming. 

With a scoop of this in your next hot bath, you'll feel like you've got your own at-home spa. 

First, this luxurious bath treatment combines mineral-rich sea salts and skin-softening oils into a stress-relieving escape that also helps restore moisture to your skin.

Second, I have used a lot of bath salts in my lifetime, and this one is by far the best smelling type I have come across. The scent is natural and fresh, and has a warm sense to it that is soothing. We added these to our online store because of their quality and the fact that a wonderful family makes them.

Ingredients: Sea Salts, Dendritic Salt, Epsom Salt, Apricot Kernel Oil, Fregrance Oil, Terra Cotta Iron Oxide. No Preservatives. 

Size: 16.9 oz. 

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