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Our cutting boards, trivets, coasters, and cheese boards are made by a modest, quiet, and delightful Amish couple that live in northern Missouri. They started woodworking in Minnesota in the 1990’s. When I asked how they learned to make such amazing wood crafts, he said, “Well, I went to my dad to help me, but I really just had to find my own way of doing things. I used mortice and tenon and wanted my work precise. It’s not the fastest, but fast isn’t as good. This is the difference between real homegrown food and fast food. They don’t compare.” 

Their shop is the cleanest and most organized woodworking facility I have ever seen in my life. Not only are the products made to perfection, they keep a perfect shop space to work in. His tools are perfectly orgainzed by type and size. There isn’t a spec of dirt or dust on the floor, and the wood pieces are carefully orgainzed by type and size. 

Each item he makes is carefully crafted by hand with tools from 100 years ago. These are not machine made, and are truly “Handcrafted” all the way down to being hand sawd, so each piece fits together like it grew as one. Pictured here are his saws in his original toolbox from when he was a child, and is still used today to hold his special tools. 

They moved here from Minnesota to be close to their daughters. When I asked why they came here, they both responded, “Why would we stay there when the only 3 daughters we have moved here. This is reflective of the Amish lifestyle. It is all about family and time together. Life isn’t enjoyable without togetherness. While they started their woodworking business making large furniture pieces, they have reached a point in life where they now focus on the smaller items that aren’t so bulky and heavy. We are the lucky ones to get the opportunity to sell his incredible craftsmanship. They truly care about perfection and want everyone to have something they can enjoy for many years!

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