Recipes From My Amish Heritage

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This book by Katie Yoder, a young Amish woman, has a collection of stories and recipes that she cooks for her family on their Amish farm. She collected the recipes over the years from family and friends, and they include traditional Amish recipes, some mennonite, and some influenced by English (non-Amish) friends. 

Katie keeps a small journal of devotional writing and small insights, which she has included in this book. It is important to her to remind people that nothing makes food taste better than a meal shared with family and friends. 

This cookbook is 147 pages long and includes the following:

21 Main dish recipes

18 Bread and roll recipes

14 Soup recipes

24 Salad and vegetable recipes

11 Pie recipes

26 Sweet temptation recipes

9 Jelly and relish recipes

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