Amish Ladies Cookbook- Snacks & light lunches

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This cookbook is all about lunchtime and daytime snacks, especially for busy families. Hilda Hoflader, a wonderful Amish woman, created these based on fixing lunches for her family that were out on the farm and needed nourishment! You may not be on a farm or tending to fields, but it is always nice to have a variety of lunch recipes available. Especially those that are easy to fix, and can last while life throws curve balls throughout the day. Here is what she wrote:

"The lunches that a lady has to prepare for der herren in the field need to be adequate for the men who are putting in a hard day's work.

They also need to be lunches that can survive the trip to the field as der kinder get distracted by chasing a frog along a fencerow or the dog kicks up a rabbit that der kinder feel obligated to join on finding. 

It can be a trial, figuring out what those urchins are going to be doing when they should be tending to the chore of carrying those lunches." 

The book includes:

15 Appetizer & beverage recipes

32 Main dish recipes

11 Soup recipes

34 salad recipes

27 Bread recipes

25 Cookie recipes

28 Pie recipes

28 Cake recipes

27 Other dessert recipes

20 Candy recipes

8 Other recipes including sauces, relish, bologna, and jam

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