Amish Ladies Cookbook- for Amish Ladies with Young Husbands

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These recipes are for young families with a lot to do. The recipes are designed around people coming home early and hungry, or getting delayed and the food has to sit. It is made to be versatile and flexible on timing to accommodate for sporting events, work projects, and just the constant changes in family life. 

Just like the rest of us, Amish families have a lot going on in their farm life. The farm animals don't function on a schedule and often get loose from their pasture, or don't cooperate in the barn. Sometimes the men are out hunting and if they get a deer, might come in late. The kids are often playing, and family might show up unexpectedly delaying a meal or adding more people to the meal. Alma Hofflader, a wonderful Amish woman, wrote this recipe book based on their busy lives with a lot of changes. 

It includes:

15 Appetizer recipes

34 Bread recipes

13 Cake recipes

9 Candy recipes

38 Main dish recipes

29 Cookie recipes

32 Dessert recipes

33 Meat recipes

9 Pie and pastry recipes

20 Salad recipes

7 Soup recipes

5 Vegetable recipes

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