Amish Wall Basket- Lg plain

  • $43.50
    Unit price per 

  • Decoration and function
  • Flower basket
  • Mail basket
  • Kitchen hot pad basket
  • Very versatile
  • Sticks out from wall 7.25 inches
  • 10.75 inches wide
  • 12.125 inches from top of handle to bottom

The man that makes these goes by the name Menno, and is a tall, slender Amish man with a priceless grin. His gray hair poofs out from under his straw hat as he stands there in his hand-stitched clothing. 

He makes these baskets in his home, and hand crafts every piece to perfection. He is a very detailed person, and accepts nothing less than amazing when it comes to quality. 

He hand saws each piece of wood to create the base, and his beautiful, humble wife weaves the basket. He then sits down at his bench and finishes each basket with hand tapped nails and stains them in his special formula that creates just the right color. There are no nail guns, no power tools, and no machines used to make these baskets. Just hard work and dedication by both Menno and his wife, Nancy. 

When I pull up to their house, there are usually baskets hanging all across the porch rafters to dry after being stained. If the weather is bad, Menno scrunches his nose, and says, "I have to hang them inside on these bad days."

Each basket is made with love and from two of the most gentle souls I have met. We all hope you enjoy a lifetime of character and design these baskets will bring to your home. 

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