Amish Basket Birdhouse

Strength, durable, and beautiful are not even enough to describe these amazing bird houses!! They have character, are incredibly sturdy, and really add a special touch to any home!!! Since they are hand made, each one has a character of its own, and special touch.

The man that makes these goes by the name Menno, and is a tall, slender Amish man with a priceless grin. His gray hair poofs out from under his straw hat as he stands there in his hand-stitched clothing. He makes these bird houses in his home, and hand crafts every piece to perfection. He is a very detailed person, and accepts nothing less than amazing when it comes to quality. He hand saws each piece of wood to create the frame, and his beautiful, humble wife weaves the basket to create the exterior design. He then sits down at his bench and hand-cuts each small piece and hand nails them together. There are no nail guns, no power tools, and no machines used to make these designs that will add a lifetime of character and design to your home.