Amish Aprons

These hand-stitched aprons are for both adults and children. They use a traditional quilt design to create a unique cooking experience.

You get to be the most stylish one in the kitchen with a lot of function. The Amish women all wear aprons when cooking, so they don't spill on their dresses. In each pocket, they usually have stashed a kitchen tool or two.

These aprons are comfortable to wear, and look fantastic for dinner, cleaning, a BBQ with the family, or trying to keep your work outfit clean while prepping a meal.

We have a local family here in Lamoni that uses their traditional quilt stitching skills to create each one by hand. The women sit in a hickory rocking chair to hand stitch each one while enjoying the view off their front porch. It's quite peaceful to watch and quite peaceful for them to create. 

We hope you enjoy these traditional aprons as much as our local families enjoyed creating them!